Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jay Buhner con los Lobos de Arecibo

My Jay Buhner PC has been a rather easy collection to build because of the availability of his cards. There are a couple of limited cards but a majority of my collection has been picked up on COMC for under 1 dollar. It helps that his career checklist is pretty much limited to official release base cards and Mariners’ SGA sets, because most collectors consider him a semi-star (To me, most Mariners fans and Frank Costanza he is a super-star) he just doesn’t show up outside of base cards too often.

But every so often an oddball shows up that I had no knowledge of and I go in to full finder mode, not often but it happens. Last year I found out about a card out of Puerto Rico, 1988-89 Blanco Y Negro (BYN) Jay Buhner #A-22 and at the time I could not find any for sale and even worse, I couldn’t find an image so I didn’t know what I was chasing.

Eventually I found a seller out of Puerto Rico who was selling different BYN sets, including the 1988-89 BYN Lobos set with Buhner, but the site was questionable at best and my emails to them were bounced back as undeliverable but when I found out they sold on eBay under a different name I was excited.

Jay doesn’t seem to be very happy to be part of the Lobos de Arecibo organization but when you consider he only batted .189 over 30 games you can understand why he looks frustrated.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Art Gallery- 2007 Topps Heroes Sylar

This month’s Art Gallery Display comes from an artist that I am unable to identify. I have checked through lists that I can find, even comparing styles, and I have had no luck. The set is 2007 Topps Heroes and is of the main bad guy Sylar.

Sylar was the ultimate bad guy, he was able to steal the abilities of other characters but he had to tear their head open to do it. He was one of my favorite characters but after the third season I was not able to continue watching because NBC had destroyed the show well beyond repair and I lost complete interest, even the attempted reboot Heroes Reborn in 2015 couldn’t bring fans back.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Question Day- Is Bigger Always Better?

Today is question day:

Would you rather have a larger collection of common base/inserts or a smaller collection but with more rare base/inserts?

I used to collect everything, if there was a card or product I bought it, but my collection got overwhelming and difficult to organize because something went in this collection but I needed this card for a team set and so on. Over the years I started to cut down what I collected, first it was to stop collecting certain sports and then it went a step further and I stopped collecting sets. Now I focus on just a couple of PC collections with some cards from outside my PC that I enjoy. 

I would say I prefer a smaller collection with more rare base and insert cards. I am building my Griffey collection one card at a time so there are plenty of base cards in my collection but it is the more rare and special cards that I display.

Friday, October 13, 2017

One Card Post- Mick Foley Autograph

Mick Foley has been one of the most entertaining wrestler over the past two decades so adding his autograph to my wrestling autograph collection is a no brainer. I think part of what made him so entertaining was that he had multiple personas besides Mick Foley. I was a fan of Mankind and Cactus Jack was ok but I was never big on Dude Love.

This card is from the 2014 Leaf Originals Wrestling release. Leaf has done a number of Originals releases over the last few years and I am happy to see that wrestling is getting the attention not to mention reasonably priced autographs.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

When The Signer Says "Fake" It Is Fake

Last night I came across a tweet regarding a Damian Lilliard autographed photo on eBay, here is the auction link. What made this an interesting tweet is that it was being retweeted by Damian Lillard who said that, even though it was verified authentic by Beckett, the signature is a fake signature. When compared to other authenticated Lillard autographs it is very obvious that the one up for auction is not real.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vintage Card Of The Month: 1949 Topps Magic Corbett & Sullivan

This month’s VCoM is a pair of boxers from the 1949 Topps Magic release. Similar to the 1948 set, the 1949 set was made up of 252 cards from sports and non-sports categories. These are my second and third Magic cards, the first one being the 1948 Topps Magic Billy The Kid I posted last month.

The 1949 set started with Category “A” being Boxing Champions and there were 24 fighters in this category. James Corbett is card #2 and John L Sullivan is #3 on the checklist and what drew me to the cards, besides being unique vintage cards, is that both men fought during the bare-knuckle age. When Corbett and Sullivan fought in 1892 they wore gloves with Corbett winning the championship with a 21st knockout of Sullivan. This made Sullivan the final bare-knuckle champion and Corbett the first gloved champion.

The Magic cards of this era are condition sensitive with many fading over time and some nearly disappearing completely. Both of these cards are probably a mid-point of the condition sensitive range with some nice dark areas and some detail (more with Sullivan’s card) but there is some fading. I have put all three of my Magic cards in to a binder so hopefully that will halt any further fading.

The categories in the 1949 set includes Football stars (Category C), Actors (Category F) and Aviation Pioneers (Category L) with the big names being Jessie Owens, Clark Gable, Ty Cobb and Amelia Earhart. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

All Out Of Mail

 I have sent out the last of my padded mailers this morning, the final contest prize and a pack of custom cards. In the past 10 days I have sent out a dozen mailers and I think that the employees at the post office are getting tired of seeing me.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Please, I Need Your Help

I have a card that I know is going to be an extremely difficult hunt so I am reaching out to the collecting community for some help. I am searching for a 2012 Topps Under Armour Trey Griffey autograph card. The cards were included in packs that were handed out to the first 3,000 who attended the 2012 Under Armour All-America Game and I have only seen a sample image (the card above) I have never seen a live copy but going off the other cards in the set I am figuring that there were 250-275 of Trey’s cards packed out.

Trey Griffey played at the University of Arizona so I am looking for this card for my U. of A. collection. He is signed with the Miami Dolphins but he is on their practice squad so this is currently his only card and unless he gets activated to the active roster I don't expect to see any of his cards in the near future. 

I am kind of surprised that Upper Deck didn't try to get Ken Griffey Jr.'s son in to one of their recent college sets. Topps too, Trey was drafted by the Mariners in the 24th Round of the 2016 MLB Amateur Draft and if they could get Manziel as a Padre in the 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft set they could have gotten Trey as a Mariner in a Bowman Draft set.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Final Prize, Sort Of, Has Been Mailed

All of the prize winner’s envelopes have been sent out with the shipping of JediJeff’s Door #3 prize this morning. I just got the address for the last prize so I will be shipping that off shortly.

I am not going to ruin Jeff’s surprise but here are two of the Door #3 prizes:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Wallet Card #7 Without The Card For Safety Resons

Yesterday the fire department was doing controlled burns outside of town and there was smoke in the air which left some people concerned not knowing about the controlled burns. Which reminded me that I had some photos on my phone that I had taken two weeks ago when I was traveling through the burn zone of the Goodwin fire. It has now been almost 3 months since the fire and we had a significant amount of rain between mid-July to early-September and it is amazing to see how the area has already begun re-growing rapidly, which led to the controlled burns.

These pictures are from the main area of the fire and while you can still see the burned trees and bushes you can see how quickly the prairie grass and some of the smaller bushes have really flourished.

I was going to make these wallet card pictures but I didn’t want to hold the card outside the window to take the pictures while we were moving.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Civil War History Lesson

One of the companies that I like to follow is Cult Stuff out of the U.K. Their sets are usually historical in nature, either based on actual events or famous literature from the past. Some of the sets that they have released include sets built around the Titanic, WWI, Sherlock Holmes and Bram Stocker’s Dracula. It isn’t all history lessons, they recently released a set called Adventures into the Unknown and some older sets are Age of Sorcery and Art of Burlesque so they dabble in the unique too.

In December 2014, I posted about a couple of Civil War uniform cards that I picked up that was part of their 2013 Cult Stuff Civil War Chronicles. There were four uniform pieces in the set plus a bullet redemption, two dark blue and two sky blue. The two I picked up were the more common dark blue wool but I finally came across two of the sky-blue wool relics, which are rarer with the larger pieces being #/60.

Cult Stuff released a Civil War Chronicles Vol. 2 in 2015 where they continued the relics set. The second set includes three uniform relics and documents, six in all. I found a seller selling five of the relic cards, the sixth card is extremely rare and I have seen only one show up as part of a master set.

The Vol. 2 relics include a dark wool relic, a gray liner relic (from inside a soldier’s uniform), a map from the November 1864 London Illustrated News, a piece from the Quartermaster’s invoice from Fort Ward in May 1865 and revenue stamps. The sixth relic is a dual blue wool and gray liner card.

I would like to replace the map relic with one that includes lines from the map as well as picking up one of the bullet cards. I need to look further in to those though to see what kind of bullet is on the card because I would want an unused one, I don’t want a bullet that injured or killed someone in my collection.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday Question Day- Fix That Bruise?

Today is question day:

Are you ok with someone altering a card they intend to keep in their collection?

With this question I am not asking about autographs, that is for another question day, to play devil's advocate what about trimming a PC card so that it is centered and has four sharp corners? What about coloring in those chipped edges? 

What if you have no intent of ever selling the card, or given away for that matter, but you do it for your own personal appreciation of a beautiful card?

I don't like the idea of trimming/coloring cards for the simple fact that even though I have no intent on selling or giving away the card that does not mean that it will not get out to the collecting world some day. If the card is unmarked as altered someone may put big money in to buying a card and sending it to be graded and expecting a Gem Mt 10 but get back a card with an "evidence of trimming" sticker.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

So You Don't Have To Experiment #4- The No Buy Zone

I have been reading stories about people working on clearing their debt and one thing that always comes up is stop using money to buy non-essentials. With most people, this is heading to a coffee joint instead of making it at home or stopping by Chipotle for lunch but with me it is buying cards. I haven’t spent a lot on cards this year but when you tally up the cards I have purchased for a dollar here and a pack there it does add up.

My medical debt has begun to creep up again because I have met a number of new doctors over the past few months and they all want to run various tests that relate to their specialty and tests like MRIs, X-rays and blood tests add up fast, my co-pay for an MRI I had two weeks ago was $175 and I have another MRI for my knees and hips that I will be doing in December or January.

So as part of my So You Don't Have To experiments, for the month of October I will not purchase anything outside of those things necessary; food, medical/medicine, gas, bills, etc. Not a penny will go to my collection, which will be difficult because I enjoy searching eBay and COMC daily. I will continue to sell cards on eBay but any money from those sales will remain in Paypal

To determine how much I will save, each time I find a card that I would normally bid on I will move that much money over to my savings account. Since this year has been slow in purchases, I bought only 3 cards in September, I will determine the amount as if I really wanted to purchase the card and ignore my circumstance of paying off medical bills. 

I am certain that by Halloween I will be jonesing for new cardboard.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Outgoing Mail Day

My town has one full service post office and they only have three windows, usually only one manned, so I have a feeling if I were to walk in with this stack of outgoing mail there would be some very unhappy people waiting behind me so I decided to ship half of the stack today and the other half on Monday.

This isn’t everything, this is part eBay sales, trades and contest winners. I still have two more contest winner’s envelopes I need to get addresses for (JediJeff and Richard Nebe Jr.) plus I am waiting for some items for Jeff’s Door #3 prize.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another Cavalcade Of Griffey Cards XI

I think one of the more unique cards to collect are test proof cards, cards that were printed out prior to the printing of the cards to be packed out to ensure everything is aligned and proper coloring. Most of the cards were destroyed, they were often incomplete so there was no reason to keep them around, but they are actually pretty easy to find.

Given they aren’t like a packed out card so some collectors may not like having them in their collection but I do. I find that having a collection that includes cards with blank backs, missing foil or text or are just cut to an odd size makes me feel like I have something different to offer with my collection.

A couple of recent pickups are from the 1999 Stadium Club Never Compromise insert set. The first card has a blank back and is missing the foil (top) while the second card is significantly oversized, blank back, no foil and with some of the printer’s codes along the bottom (Below).

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Current 2000 Post Contest Update

Tom/The Angels In Order has selected the 1993 Ted Williams Buck Leonard autograph with the 1st pick

Captain Canuck has selected the Dave Prowse Darth Vader autograph with the 2nd pick.

Brett Alan has selected the 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Monte Irvin autograph with the 3rd pick.

JediJeff has selected the Door #3 gambler prize with the 4th pick.

Matt has selected the 1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr rookie card with the 5th pick.

I do not have Richard Nebe Jr.'s email address to let him know that he is getting the 2009-10 Panini National Treasure Mikan printing plate. If anyone has his email address or if Richard sees this, please contact me using the email address in the right column. 

The way that this draft will work is after I post the winners and the prizes the winners will be able to select which prize they would like. So, the first winner will select their prize, the second winner will select their prize from the remaining pool, winner three will select their prize from the remaining pools, winner four, five and six will continue the process. 

Now on to the winners:
First pick winner:
The Angels In Order 

Second pick winner:
Captain Canuck

Third pick winner:
Brett Alan

Fourth pick winner:

Fifth pick winner:
Matt from Diamond Jesters

Sixth pick winner:
Richard Nebe Jr.

The remaining prize:

2009-10 Panini National Treasures George Mikan Cyan Printing Plate

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Winners Of My 2000 Post Contest

EDIT- Tom/The Angels In Order has selected the 1993 Ted Williams Buck Leonard autograph with the 1st pick

Captain Canuck has selected the Dave Prowse Darth Vader autograph with the 2nd pick.

I don't have Brett Alan's email address to contact him for the #3 pick, if anyone has it or if Brett sees this please send me an email using the link in the right column.

The prize winners have been selected and now is time for the draft. I have decided to include a total of 6 prizes, the first 4 I have already posted but I am adding a 2009-10 Panini National Treasures George Mikan Cyan Printing Plate and a “Door #3” prize, which is unknown.

The way that this draft will work is after I post the winners and the prizes the winners will be able to select which prize they would like. So, the first winner will select their prize, the second winner will select their prize from the remaining pool, winner three will select their prize from the remaining pools, winner four, five and six will continue the process. 

Now on to the winners:
First pick winner:
The Angels In Order (Sorry, I accidently called you Angels in the Outfield in the video)

Second pick winner:
Captain Canuck

Third pick winner:
Brett Alan

Fourth pick winner:

Fifth pick winner:
Matt from Diamond Jesters

Sixth pick winner:
Richard Nebe Jr.

The four remaining prizes:
1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorite Monte Irvin
2009-10 Panini National Treasures George Mikan Cyan Printing Plate

Door #3 prize- This prize is unknown but will include at least 2 cards, may be autographs, relics, vintage, rookie cards, non-sports or other. The cards will be collectible (so no base cards, dupes or a dump of junk wax), but other than that you will have to be a gambler to find out. 
 I will reach out to each of the winners to let them know that they have won and we will then begin the draft. Once all winners have made their selection and I have gotten their address I will mail out the card in bubble mailers over the next week,

Monday, September 25, 2017

My 2,000 Post Contest Is Now Closed

Thank you all for joining my 2,000-post contest. There are 33 people who joined and I tonight I will be running the list through and I will post the winners tomorrow.
The process will be the top sport on the first randomizer will select what they want from the prize pool, the first person on the second randomizer will select what they want from the remaining prizes and so on until all the prizes have been selected.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Last Day To Enter My #2000 Post Contest

My #2000 post contest ends tonight at 11:59 pm PST. If you have not posted that you are interested in taking part of the contest you can go to the original poste <HERE> and say you are interested in the comments section.

We just hit 31 people signing up for the contest so here is another prize. If we get to 40 people signing up I will add another prize.

This David Prowse Darth Vader autograph is now part of the prize pool along with the 3 prizes I originally posted.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wallet Card #6- Diamondbacks Game

Last night my daughter’s choir was part of a group of middle school choirs who sung the national anthem at the Diamondback’s game. She got in free and parents got tickets at half price (first level outfield bleachers) through the school.

The game was a barn burner of a game and ended with the Diamondbacks winning 13-11 and it seemed like everyone hit a homerun except for the one guy I wanted to see hit a homer, Giancarlo Stanton. There were 7 homeruns (3 Miami and 4 Arizona) with Miami’s Marcell Ozuna knocking two and Arizona’s Chris Iannetta also knocking two with one of those being a grand slam in the 6th that put the D-Backs ahead 12-9. It was definitely an entertaining game that I got to enjoy with my baby girl.

Wallet card Griffey made a couple of appearances but because we were sitting in the outfield I didn't get the best pictures, here he is with Stanton at bat.

Here he is with Goldschmidt at bat

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Art Gallery- 2014 SBay Super Breaks President Gerald Ford

This month’s Art Gallery display comes from the amazing artist Jay Pangan III; who has worked with most of the major companies from Topps to Leaf, Cryptozoic and Unstoppable Cards. His work is amazing and I would say his work is up there with some of the best illustrators.

Pangan has a couple of different styles with his pencil sketches being the most common but I am a much bigger fan of his color work. The card is of President Ford and his wife Betty and is done in ink and colored pencil for the 2014 SBay Super Break release. SBay is best known for putting anything and everything in their high end boxes with some running well over $5,000 each. The sketch cards were just an extra card and was not included in the item count in each box.

I picked up the card because any time I can get a pretty cool President card for under $7 I am happy to include it in my collection.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Here It Is... Post #2,000 With A Contest!

It has taken 8 years, 3 months and 12 days but today is my 2,000th post on Pack War.

My first post was on June 6, 2009 and I started with a simple post about some ideas that I had for the blog, I honestly did not even consider the future of the blog. When I started I had been reading a couple of blogs regularly and I liked the way that collectors were interacting with each other and I wanted to be able to share my story too.

I hadn’t even realized I was this close to 2,000 posts until I was writing up a couple of Question Day posts that I save as drafts and looked over and saw I was at 1,991 published posts and I started wondering if I should just post #2,000 and not make a mention about it, just add it at the end of a regular post or should I do something special? I decided to do something, a giveaway. Nothing big but I wanted to make it special.

Here is what you need to do to be part of the giveaway:

1.      Post here by Sunday 9/24/17 at 11:59 pm PST 

That’s it

The prizes:
1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. rookie card

1993 Ted Williams Buck Leonard autograph

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Monte Irvin autograph

Awarding of the prizes:
When the contest closes on Sunday 9/24/17 at 11:59pm PST I will run the entire list through three times with the #1 person on each randomization winning a prize.

The person in the #1 position on the first randomization gets first choice
The person in the #1 position on the second randomization gets the second choice
The person in the #1 position on the third randomization gets the remaining card

If it reaches 50 people joining I will add at least 2 additional prizes in which case I will follow the same rules with the awarding of the prizes but with two additional randomizations with the person in the #1 position on each of those randomizations being the winner of a prize.

I close with thanking everyone who has visited Pack War and read my posts. I really do appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What Sets Have Jumped The Shark?

Forty years ago on September 20, 1977 during the 5th season of Happy Days in the episode Hollywood: Part 3, Fonzie jumped a shark during a water skiing competition. The episode did extremely well but many years later during a discussion of television shows on the decline, some college students at the University of Michigan, including John Hein, brought up this specific episode as the one where Happy Days was no longer original and fresh.

The term “jump the shark” was born as a description of when something popular begins to no longer be popular. Typically, the expression is used for television or movie sequels but can be used in describing almost anything in pop culture, among other things collecting too. 

I know today is not a normal question day but what sets would you say jumped the shark? This isn’t limited to modern sets but any set/series/product ever made. 

I know there are more, but the only one coming to mind is 2011 Topps Triple Threads when they created manufactured relics for John Henry, Leif Ericson and Pecos Bill. Not only did that bring attention to Topps rehashing Triple Threads designs over and over but unleashed manufactured relics as a “hit” in products.